Counseling for Teenagers

Teens today face more challenges than ever before and many of these pressures can lead to teens to react in ways that are not healthy while trying to cope with the changes. Teens may need counseling in order to help them learn how to handle all the physical and mental changes they are going through as well as cope with all the problems that might arise.

Teenagers face not only changes in their own bodies but mood changes, dealing with their peers, changes in interest, and learning how to understand their new identity. Parents can usually help their teens via communication, patience, and providing a supportive and structured environment.

However, there are problems that parents cannot always help their teenagers deal with and should turn to a qualified therapist that can help their teens learn how to cope and handle these problems.

Such issues include:

  • Family changes like a serious illness of a family member, a death of a family member, divorce, or moving to another location away from their friends and the environment they are used to calling home.
  • Breaking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • A close friend’s death
  • Discovering of a health problem
  • Having any type of disability
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Being bullied
  • Abuse from a family member
  • Pregnancy
  • Tragic events in your town
  • Tragic events on the news from around the world

Some teenagers can cope with these problems and not have any issues, while others may need help to get through these issues. In order to know if your teenager needs counseling, you can watch for warning signs.

One of the most common is depression. If your teen begins sleeping more than nine hours, prefers to be alone instead of with friends, loss of appetite, neglects personal hygiene, not interested in their normal activities, starts crying without a reason, or if they seem down for more than a couple of weeks, these are signs they may need to talk with a therapist.

Talking about suicide even if they are joking or just drawing pictures that could be conveyed as suicidal thoughts. Even if your teen is just about being worthless or giving away items they love are signs that something is going on in their life and they are dealing well.

Losing a lot of weight or gaining a lot of weight can be a sign of an eating disorder that could be helped with therapy.

Fast mood swings or even extreme changes that do not change for over a month.

Threats of doing harm to others, animals, or themselves is another clue that something is happening to make them feel violent and therapy can help.

As parents, it is important that you know your own child and your teenager. If you are a part of their everyday lives, you can normally see the changes that may point to a problem that can be helped through counseling. We have experienced counselors that can help your teen with any problem that is causing them to have issues or not being able to cope with all the changes going on at once.